Educational project

The educational project is « Grow up in confidence ». It is based on 5 basic fundamentals:

1 - Develop children autonomy skills and growing up in confidence

Our project with the children is to help them gain autonomy and give them confidence in growing.

With this aim, the monthly work programme carried out by the team provides activities to stimulate awakening, autonomy and self confidence.

This program is approved by the manager and is displayed for parents (posted at reception).

2 - Exposure to English language and culture

Our bilingual project opens up language awareness and is based on the initiation to English language and culture.

Children are put in an English environment with games, stories, songs, cartoons, and discussions.

The language environment is provided by an English childcare assistant who talks to them exclusively in English.

Activities are in English and French in equal proportion.

3 - Inter-generational activities

We offer a shared activity program between children and other generations (retired people, the elderly).

We are convinced of the benefits in these interactions. Toddlers benefit from experiences and knowledge of adults. And for the elderly, it is an opportunity for sharing, communication and enjoyment.

We regularly organize inter-generational activities: storytelling, games, songs, practical activities, etc, followed by an afternoon snack.

4 - Exchanges with other children facilities of neighbouring towns

We are part of a network of childcare facilities across neighbouring towns (nurseries and nursery schools) and we plan activities and common programs with them.

This approach aims to prepare children's transition from nursery to school.

5 - A commitment to a sustainable development

The management and the operations of the nursery are based on a sustainable development approach to offer children with a healthy setting that is respectful of the environment without using toxic products.

Our commitment to sustainable development means that:

  • the installation of the house, the choice of furniture and equipment, are based on nontoxic materials and are respectful of the environment,
  • we operate a « green » policy for purchasing and selection of service providers (meal delivery),
  • green cleaning products are used in the facilities,
  • BIO products are preferred for meals and afternoon snacks.